Raas Leela - Couture

Raas Leela collection is inspired by the tales of Lord Krishna with Gopi’s and
Radha. The collection is an ode to love itself, but love in its various roles like love
of a mother, a friend, a lover or just an admirer.
The collection is a playful romance of colors, textures and
surfaces. We’ve explored a lot of Indian crafts within this
collection, it includes prints which are detailed to a square inch of the fabric and
tell a story within themselves and embroidery from various parts of India like
kantha, pearl, aari work, zardozi etc. We used silk chandheri, raw silk, silk or-
ganza etc fabrics sourced locally from
weavers and artisans.
This collection marks our first step towards Indian Bridal and Grooms Wear.
We’ve been working on this collection now since two years, that’s how special we
wanted this collection to be. Setting a tone of what a JC Bride and Groom will
look like was a challenging task but we are thrilled with the outcome.
We crafted each ensemble of this collection as a collectible heirloom that Moth
ers can pass on to their Daughters and Fathers to their Sons.

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