Asht - Festive Collection

Asht- Festive is the second edition of our Krishna Trilogy. First being, Raas Leela-Couture and next would be Meera – Couture.
Asht is inspired by the 8 wives of lord Krishna, this collection is an Ode to companionship.
Inspired by the number 8 which represents infinity hat infact is the true essence of companionship. We have incorporated a lot of abstract 8’s in the collection and used 8 hues of colours in the entire collection.
Them being White, black, blue, green, red, champagne, yellow, purple in various hues and tones.
We used colour blocking to signify however different in nature / appeal two colours may be, when combined they just go together and form one unit, same as any true companions.
The collection is beautifully detailed with zari, zardozi, moti, resham and dori work.
The collection aims to be celebratory and classic at the same time with modern silhouettes and an elegant perspective.

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